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Screening POD


The ERC Screening-Pod is unlike any other with a built in office for screening and record keeping that can be repurposed post COVID19 into a functional security hut, receiving office, access control unit and so much more.


The Screening-Pod has been developed with COVID19 regulation and safety guidelines in mind to minimise the risk of exposure to screening personnel and the working environment. The Screening-Pod tunnel is designed to spray a fine mist of sanitiser from floor level, and roof level for optimum coverage. Further measures include a entry drip tray to sanitise shoe soles for added peace of mind. The full screening office will ensure compliance is a breeze, and record keeping remain safe. 

The Pre-Screen sliding window give operators a elevated view and make temperature checking easy. Screening individuals prior to granting access, will ensure safety measures are optimum, and monitoring over time for staff and regular visitors.


The ERC Screening-Pod is available as a outright purchase or on rental basis for added flexibility. Add on services include temperature monitoring scanners, masks, sanitiser and digital record keeping infrastructure. This can be purchased directly from ERC at competitive rates.

Technical Data

Building Dimensions
Spray Tunnel
Hand Wash Basin
Floor Construction
Furniture & Accessories

8 Nozzel
Stainless Steel – Elbow
Steel Grid
Lights, Plugs, DB, Pressure Pump
PT129 Sliding Window

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