Shipping Container Clinics


Shipping Container Clinics are fast and easy to deploy for emergency relief wherever the need arise. These units can be configured for multiple applications and uses including:

  • Consultation
  • Screening
  • Pharmacy
  • Trauma Units
  • Laboratories
  • Primary Care Units
  • Locker & Storage Facilities for medical personnel
  • Distribution of medical equipment
  • Awareness Clinics and more.


These relocatable clinics are designed and built to serve patients in remote or isolated environments, or in areas where a more traditional hospital is impractical or not available.

Rapid Deployment

Being able to deploy quickly is key to the success to service the demand. Shipping Container Conversions are quick, cost effective and above all fully modular. Growing and expanding is as simple as adding and removing blocks of the puzzle.

Screening Services can be expanded with on site laboratory facilities, processing facilities and distribution services on location. These units can also be re-deployed easily to maximize the investment.

For certain layout it could also be re-purposed into other facilities in the aftermath of disaster management. 

Static Deployment

Our clinics can easily be integrated into existing facilities to compliment existing infrastructure or as stand alone self sufficient units that are grid tied. 

Additional ad-on options include external seating and covered waiting areas, full roof systems, security cages, fencing, water reticulation, electrical reticulation and more. Speak to us today to discuss your requirements.

Joint Systems

We can join Shipping Containers together on site to create larger floor areas for additional applications including refrigerated mortuaries, hospitals, extended clinics, In-Patient Services and more. 

Removing the space constraint boundaries enable custom internal layouts to serve multiple purposes and function contained in one building.